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Automatically contacting financial institutions on behalf of Probate Professionals.

How we work with Financial Institutions

Are you a financial institution wanting to know how you can work with LandmarkFAS?

Supporting probate professionals

All LandmarkFAS searches are ordered through probate professionals who are members of a regulated authority.

Trusted due diligence partner

Landmark’s products and services are designed to protect solicitor, practice and client by considering applicable legal and regulatory requirements. As the providers of a leading range of reports to the legal market, including comprehensive assessments of environmental, flood and planning risks, Landmark is a trusted due diligence partner to a large number of conveyancing professionals.

Lost and missing assets

Financial Institutions recognise that they have lost touch with many customers over the years and ultimately wish to trace missing customers to ensure that plans, accounts and policies are returned to their rightful owner. LandmarkFAS assists the search for those lost and missing assets.

TCF obligations

Participating in our searches can also assist you in recognising the important part you can play in ensuring that assets are reunited with their rightful owners and that you are able to support your “Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF) obligations.

Full due diligence

Provides access to multiple searches for complete due diligence through a single request.
A range of searches in just one click

New ordering platform

Our new ordering platform delivers a more user friendly experience, whilst saving you time to process your order.
Ongoing monitoring

Experian data

We also give you additional information from Experian datasets to help you give a your clients the full picture.
Robust and secure

Protection from fraud

Protects you, your client and the beneficiaries from liability due to assets or debts being overlooked.

Some frequently asked questions?

LandmarkFAS is an online financial asset tracing process. Our service has been designed to assist probate professionals trace assets, specifically those otherwise lost or forgotten over the course of an individuals lifetime, to ensure that they are identified and included in the estate.

LandmarkFAS searches for the following key components:

  • Personal Pensions
  • Life Policies
  • Occupational Pensions via DWP (if requested at the point of order)
  • Unit Trusts & Investment Trusts
  • Investment Bonds
  • National Savings & Investments
  • Building Society & Bank – Dormant Accounts
  • FTSE100 Shares registered with the three share registrars: Capita, Computershare & Equiniti
  • Wills registered with the Certainty National Wills Register

Probate professionals have a number of important obligations to fulfill, whether they are acting as an executor or are assisting the personal representatives. LandmarkFAS was launched to help with the arduous process that probate professionals would undertake to locate lost and forgotten assets from a wide number of financial institutions across the UK. By purchasing a LandmarkFAS report, they can simply provide the details once, and LandmarkFAS will contact a number of financial institutions on their behalf, and provide a report after 28 days outlining where assets have been found in the name of the deceased.

If financial assets are missed, for whatever reason, an incorrect tax liability may be calculated which could result in HMRC imposing a fine upon the probate professional.
The Inheritance Tax (IHT) forms required to be submitted to HMRC, irrespective of the size of the estate, include specific statements and guidance for the Probate Professionals and Executors. Examples include:

  • “You will need to make detailed enquiries so that you find out everything you can about the deceased’s estate…” (Taken from p.8 of the HMRC ‘Guide to completing your Inheritance Tax Account’.) ; and
  • “Did the deceased have any provision for retirement other than the state pension?” (Excerpt from HMRC IHT 205 and 400 forms).

What if the deceased had a paid up pension from many years ago? The paperwork can easily be missing or overlooked. This is one of the many aspects a LandmarkFAS report will search for to help ensure accurate submissions can be made to HMRC.

In addition, the Law Society of England & Wales Probate Practitioners Handbook 7th Edition (2015) provides guidance that “to limit the risk of overlooking assets, it may be sensible to use a company such as Landmark Financial Assets Search, which will carry out a search against the deceased’s name.” In addition it is recommended that a search of the National Wills Database is undertaken to identify a missing will or, to be confident that the latest will is used when distributing an estate. LandmarkFAS also includes a search of the National Wills Register without requiring you to separately search this source – yet another way that LandmarkFAS can help probate professionals ensure that lost and forgotten assets are returned to their rightful owners.

We believe there are a number of key benefits, including:

  • An effective means of demonstrating commitment to the Financial Services Authority mandate of ”Treating Customers Fairly” (TCF).
  • Compliance with the Dormant Banks & Building Society Accounts Act 2008, and a decrease in the amount of funds required to be transferred to the reclaim fund.
  • A timely notification of a client’s death, thus allowing appropriate management of the account.
  • The creation of new business opportunities through the regeneration of assets.
  • Delivering a positive experience for the deceased’s beneficiaries, ensuring goodwill between you and potential customers.
  • Appropriate management of dormant accounts can reduce the likelihood of a deceased client’s assets being misappropriated by an unauthorised person.

We are able to send correspondence in a number of ways to best suit you and your processes. If you would like to change the way you currently receive information from us, please contact us on 0844 844 9967 where we will be happy to discuss the options.

You will receive an enquiry from LandmarkFAS. This will include:

  • Client’s name
  • Previous name(s) (if applicable)
  • Last known address(es)
  • Date of Death
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance No (if known)
  • A document providing evidence of death (for example: certificate of death, grant of probate, letter of administration)

You are then asked to respond only where a positive identification of assets is found, i.e. a life policy, pension policy, unit trust, investment trust, cash held on deposit in an account.

If you are already dealing with the probate professional directly (some lawyers order a search after they have commenced notifying Financial Institutions of the death of the deceased) then you need not respond. Ours is a search for lost or forgotten assets.

At this stage, this is simply a request to comment “yes” to assets identified, if any exist. Your reply can be by fax, e-mail, telephone or in writing.

Negative responses are not required; therefore you need take no action.

Please tick the applicable box on the form advising us of your involvement and provide the relevant reference number if possible.

The LandmarkFAS system creates a report which incorporates the responses received from the institutions contacted. This report is then provided to the probate professional dealing with the estate. If our report identifies that a previously unknown asset may be held by a financial institution then the probate professional will contact the institution further to commence the claim process.

The LandmarkFAS online platform is encrypted to prevent fraudulent capture of the information. We have a small, dedicated team who have undergone stringent employment screening prior to their work on LandmarkFAS searches, and who treat this information in the strictest confidence. The data entered by you is not used by Landmark for any other purposes.

Landmark Financial Asset Search Ltd is registered as a Data Controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The processing of data of deceased individuals is not required to be compliant with the DPA, however LandmarkFAS still applies appropriate security controls to this data to prevent unauthorised use.

A dedicated telephone number is available to assist you with any general enquiries. Please call us on 0844 844 9967.

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